Director General (Curriculum Vitae)



Prof. Refat Abdelhalim Alfaouri

Director General

The Arab Administrative Development Organization


Contact Information 



Director General Office
The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO)

2A El Hijaz Street, Roxy Square, Heliopolis

Cairo, Egypt

Phone:   + 202 22 56 90 01 (Direct)

+ 202 22 58 24 44 (Office)


Fax:       + 202 22 58 00 77




Personal Data

Nationality: Jordanian

Marital Status: Married

Children: Three

Date of Birth: March 1, 1959

Current Position: Director General, Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) 



- Ph.D, Public Policy Analysis & Administration (Major), Organizational Analysis (Minor). Saint Louis University, U.S.A, June 1990.

- MPA, Public Administration, School of Public Administration, University of Southern California, U.S.A, 1987.


- BA, Business Administration, Specialization (Finance), Yarmouk University, Jordan, 1983. 

Teaching Experience

- Professor, Dept. of Public Administration, Yarmouk University (Dec 2000-Nov 2007).

- Associate Prof., Dept. of Public Administration, Yarmouk University (Sept 1998-Dec 2000).

- Associate Prof., Dept. of Public Administration, Qatar University (Sept 1996-Aug 1998).

- Associate Prof., Dept. of Public Administration, Yarmouk University (Mar 1996-Sept 1996).

- Assistant Prof., Dept. of Public Administration, Yarmouk University (1990-Mar 1996)

- T.A. Dept. of Policy Analysis, Saint Louis University, USA (1989-1990).

- T.A. Dept. of Finance, Yarmouk University (1983-1985). 


Public Administration, Public Finance, Public Policy Analysis, Organizational Theory & Behavior, Management & Management Analysis, Personnel Management, Human Resource Management, Development Management, Organizational Development and Reform, Research Methodology, Public-Private Partnership, e-Government, TQM, Privatization, Management of Creativity and Innovation.

Supervision of Theses

1. Time Management of the Jordanian Middle Managers in Public Sectors, 1996.
2. Privatization of Jordanian Electric Companies, 1998.
3. Management of Training Programs in Jordan Governmental Institutions, 1999.
4. Analysis of Reasons of Wrong Decisions Makingâ€‌-Exploratory study by using path analysis, 2000.
5. Cost-Analysis of the students education in Jordan & Yarmouk Universities, 1998.
6. Jordanian Government Budget between Foreign & Self Dependency for the years 1988-1998. ( Ph.D Thesis).
7. The Analysis of Creativity at Public Depts. Of Emirates Abu Dhabi, 2001.
8. Analysis of Job Enrichment for Supervisors in Jordanian Public Sector: The case of North Region, 1998.
9. Electronic government in Jordan – Potentials and attitudes of the Top Management ,2001.
10. The Influence of Information Technology on Decision-Making in Jordanian Commercial Banks, 2001.
11. The relation between restrictions of Organizational Structure and Performance of Local Governments in Jordan, 2001.
12. Measurements of Service Quality provided by Saudi Telecom Company, 2002.
13. Creativity Management at Learning Organizations, 2002.
14. Financial Analysis of Privatized Jordanian Organizations, 2002.
15. Implementation of Business Process Reengineering on Jordanian Municipalities, 2003.

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